A space for meaningful conversations

Circulo hosts online video calls where you can connect with like-minded individuals to engage in meaningful conversations on topics that you care about.

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What is Circulo?

Circulo practice

What differentiates Circulo from normal group conversations is its intentionality. There is a shared purpose and intention to shift from informal or opinionated discussions, towards more open, receptive and mindful dialogue.

Moderated conversations

Each Circulo conversation is moderated by an experienced host, whose role is to guide the group towards conditions that are more conducive for open, reflective and intentional dialogue.

Online video calls

Circulo conversations typically run for 60 to 90 minutes via Zoom with group sizes ranging from six to twelve people, hosted by an experienced host.

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Why Circulo?

Themed Discussions

Circulo offers a range of themes for discussion to help you explore, reflect and process your lived experiences

Break Your Bubble

By bringing a diverse mix of people into a moderated discussion, Circulo enables you to hear & engage with new perspectives on your lived experiences.

A New Perspective

The Circulo practice often leads to deeper conversations, wiser decisions and clearer actions.

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